TNT@ADA12 Guatemala (Guatemala, Honduras-El Salvador-Belize) 14 Days Package

Code: TNT@ADA12

Country: Guatemala

Route: Guatemala, Honduras-El Salvador-Belize

Days: 14 Days

Package cost: BDT. 4,51,500/-

Style: Group Tour

Group Size: Average 08


About this tour: In two weeks, combine some of the most exciting highlights in Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. Compare colonial towns with indigenous villages, haggle in colourful markets and fall in love with the intoxicating Caribbean culture. You will have the chance to explore Mayan ruins, relax on sun-kissed beaches and cruise down lazy rivers on this adventure in Central America.


Day 1: Antigua Guatemala

Upon arrival Transfer to the city of Antigua Guatemala. One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Central America. A witness to the colonial grandeur of Spain, with its cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and classical architecture, Antigua is included by UNESCO in the world heritage fund of mankind.
Overnight in Antigua, Hotel Meson de Maria

Day 2: Chichicastenango Market / Lake Atitlan

This day after breakfast, our driver will pick you up at 7:30 am, at your hotel (Sunday or Thursday) we will go to Chichicastenango to enjoy the colorful ethnic market, where the smell of incense and folk mysticism promise a unique atmosphere, where bargaining for goods is quite appropriate, and a church with mixed Catholic traditions and Mayan traditions. In the afternoon will be transferred to Lake Atitlan directly to your hotel.
Overnight in Panajachel, Porta Hotel del Lago

Day 3: Lake Atitlan / Guatemala City


Breakfast at hotel Meet your guide at the hotel at 08:00. You will go to a two-hour panoramic tour to Lake Atitlan. You swim by boat along the coast to the two village’s Indian village. Also you can visit Santiago de Atitlan and San Pedro. Your guide will tell you about local customs and traditions. You can enjoy spectacular views of the lake, as well as learn a lot about the settlements, whose traditions are passed from one to another, as well as their history. The irresistible beauty, and one of the most beautiful in the world Lake Atitlan is located in the crater of an extinct volcano on the background basalt slopes of the crater, covered with tropical vegetation, attracts many tourists from around the world. His so called Gringotenango (space aliens). The town itself cannot boast of monuments of colonial architecture. The brightest spot in the city is a colorful market, where they sell not only food, but also the products of local craftsmen and industrial products. In the afternoon transfer to Guatemala City.

Overnight in Guatemala City, Hotel Barceló

Day 4: Guatemala City / San Salvador


Breakfast at hotel, Meet your guide at the hotel at 08:00, and transfer to the border of San Salvador. Our local guide will help with the migration formalities. Then transfer to San Salvador hotel accommodation. In the afternoon tour of San Salvador. Examination of the historical center, the main attractions, squares, the Cathedral, the handicraft market, relief map of San Salvador; overview of the city from the observation deck. Return to hotel

Overnight in San Salvador, La Terraza

Day 5: Joya de Ceren / Tazumal


Breakfast at hotel, Meet your guide at the hotel at 08:00 Moving to Joya de Ceren, heritage of humanity in 1993 (authentic Mayan villages were preserved by volcanic ash over 1,400 years). This is a unique place that shows us the daily life of the Maya. The archaeological area of San Andres is an important ceremonial center, where was found the first factory for the production of indigo. Next you will visit the historic center of the ruins of Tazumal and   in the evening return to the hotel.

Overnight in San Salvador, La Terraza

Day 6: San Salvador / Copan Honduras


Breakfast, Pick up at your hotel at 8:00 am for transport to Honduras’ border and the lovely colonial town of Copan. Arrive at your hotel overlooking the Central Plaza in the charming town of Copán, which has been at the heart of the Copan. In the afternoon 14:30 hrs, you will start your tour to the Main Archaeological Site, which includes the acropolis, the ball court, the hieroglyphic stairway and the great plaza of the stelae, as well as the Museum of Mayan Sculpture, acclaimed by experts as unique in the Mayan World. A masterpiece within the museum is the exact size replica of the famed Rosalila Temple, discovered in 1989. Spend the afternoon and evening relaxing in your deluxe hotel or walk the charming town of Copan, visit its many shops and lovely restaurants and side walk cafes.

Overnight in Copan, Hotel Marina Copan

Day 7: Copan – Quirigua – Livingston


Breakfast at hotel, Meet your guide at the hotel at 08:00. On the way stop at Quirigua. Here you can explore the greatest Mayan stela, a miracle must-see. Then we continue to Puerto Barrios, a stop for lunch. Arrival in Livingston in the afternoon. Transfer to the hotel by boat to Livingston. Here you can relax, swim and kayaking night in Livingston.

Overnight in Livingston, Hotel Villa Caribe

Day 8: Rio Dulce – Petén


Breakfast, our guide and (boat driver) will pick you up at your hotel at 08:30 and you go on a cruise on the river Rio Dulce, where you can get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. Closer to the Caribbean coast you will pass through the impressive canyon of the Rio Dulce. Next we go to Flores, the capital of the region of Petén (ride through the scenic about 3 hours). Stop for lunch. Arrival in Flores in the afternoon

 Overnight in Flores, Hotel Casona del Lago

Day 9: Tikal


Breakfast at hotel, Meet your guide at the hotel at 07:30. Spend the day visiting and exploring Tikal, one of the largest and most magnificent Mayan cities in existence. Your expert guide will share many insights on this Mayan city and provide a feel for the mysteries of this ancient culture. Enjoy a fantastic lunch in the park; return in the afternoon and spend the evening relaxing lake side, or opt for a visit & possibly dinner in the lovely town of Flores, the capital of the Peten region.
Overnight in Flores, Hotel Casona Del Lago

Day 10: Yaxha Tour – San Ignacio Belize

Breakfast, our driver and guide will pick you up  at your hotel at 08:00 am, Transfer to Yaxha National Park (about 1 hour). Here we take a walk through the lush tropical forest, where the howling monkeys fill the atmosphere with voices. We conclude the day in the highest part of Temple 216, the tallest building, where we will enjoy an unforgettable evening listening to the birds singing. Transfer to the San Ignacio area.
Overnight in San Ignacio, Hotel Midas Resort

Day 11: Caracol

Situated high on the Vaca Plateau deep in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Caracol is the most extensive Mayan site in Belize and was only re-discovered as recently as 1936. The site of Caracol covers over 80 square miles with 30,000 structures and at its peak supported a population in excess of 150,000. Situated at 1600 feet above sea level (one of the highest located sites of the southern uplands region) with no natural water body close by, it remains a mystery why such a huge population centre like Caracol evolved where it is. However, the close proximity to both extremely hard stone and copal, two commodities highly prized by the Mayas may help explain this enigma.

At the heart of the site lies the massive pyramid of Caana (Sky Palace) which is now almost fully restored and reaches a height of over 135 feet. From the top you can enjoy breath taking panoramic views over the forest clad mountains. The drive to the site in the early morning occasionally allows guests to take a glimpse of tapirs, jaguars or ocelots, as they break their forest cover to cross the road. The sprawling site contains huge Ceiba, Mahogany and Sapodilla trees and is superb for birding (the rare Keel-billed Motmot is one of the many residents of the site). Wildlife such as Howler and Spider monkeys, the Oscellated Turkey, Coatimundi, Gibnut and Grey Fox are often sighted while quietly wandering along the site’s causeways or along trails connecting the plaza groups. Upon conclusion in the afternoon return to your hotel.
Overnight in San Ignacio, Hotel Midas Resort

Day 12: Aktun-Tunichil-Muknal – Ambergris Kai


Transfer in Belize. Transfer to the “Stone Coffin Cave”, a place that is one of the most impressive caves in the Mayan lowlands. Located in the heart of the Belizean jungle, this cave was a sacred place in the Mayan prehistoric time in Belize.

After the tour, transfer to Belize City and Boat Transfer to Ambergris Cay.The island in palm fringe is located 58 km north of the city of Belize. Colorful sandy beaches, lagoons, thickets of mangroves, tropical savannah, turquoise coastal waters – all this under the rays of the hot sun.

Overnight in Belize, Victoria House Resort & Spa

Day 13: Ambergris Kai (no guide)


Optional tours:

The Big Blue Hole is a giant underwater well. A great opportunity to immerse yourself in absolutely clean water and meet rare species of fish, midnight parrots, Caribbean reef shark. And the view during the flight over the hole is breathtaking beauty.In the Khol Chan marine reserve there is a wonderful secluded place with warm air and crystal clear water, diving and snorkeling in which can not be compared with anything else. Unless, of course, you do not mind being in the water with sharks and stingrays. But here they do not bite tourists, but simply delight them with their presence.

Overnight in Belize, Victoria House Resort & Spa

Day 14: Ambergris Kai (without guide) – Belize City (without guide)


Transfer by boat to Belize City and transfer to the airport

END OF SERVICES.              



Meson de Maria (1n) + Porta Hotel del Lago (1n) + Hotel Barceló(1n) + La Terraza (2n) + Hotel Marina Copan (1n) + Hotel Villa Caribe (1n) + Hotel Casona del Lago (2n) + Hotel Midas Resort (2n) + Victoria House Resort & Spa (2n)

BDT. 4,51,500/-


Price Includes:

  • Accommodation Hotels 4 *
  • Daily American breakfast
  • English speaking guide in Guatemala
  • Transportation in A/C all trip
  • Fees entrances
  • Border fees in Honduras & Guatemala
  • Lunch in Yaxha & Tikal

Price does not include:

  • Border taxes in Belize
  • International Flights
  • Visas
  • Laundry services
  • Personal expenses
  • All extras in hotels
  • All meals not mentioned
  • Tip for driver and guide
  • American breakfast in Belize

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Code: TNT@ADA12 Country: Guatemala Route: Guatemala, Honduras-El Salvador-Belize Days: 14 Days ...


Code: TNT@ADA12 Country: Guatemala Route: Guatemala, Honduras-El Salvador-Belize Days: 14 Days ...


Code: TNT@ADA12 Country: Guatemala Route: Guatemala, Honduras-El Salvador-Belize Days: 14 Days ...


Code: TNT@ADA12 Country: Guatemala Route: Guatemala, Honduras-El Salvador-Belize Days: 14 Days ...