Trips N Tours Limited delivers consumers everything they need planning and purchasing a whole trip. The company provides direct access to one of the broadest selections of travel products services through its user friendly Web site and serving many different consumer segments.
Families can book a summer vacation or individuals can avail quick weekend getaway, Trips N Tours Limited provides traveler with the ability to research, plan and book their comprehensive travel needs.
Our Company provides Holiday packages, Sports tourism packages worldwide including sport/match tickets, Worldwide any Airline and Train tickets, Hotel reservations, Any country visa assistance, Car rental, Cruises and many other in-destination required services from a broad selection of partners.
Our Guarantee is our seal on your traveler rights, a promise to our customers that we’ll do our utmost to take care of you that when you book with Trips N Tours Limited , ‘you’ll never roam alone‘. This promise extends to your entire trip experience; it even includes domestic trips to assure that you’re getting a great deal for the travel you want.
Trips N Tours Limited is the leading global travel & tour specialist company in Bangladesh that uses innovative technology to enable leisure and business traveler to research, plan and book a broad range of travel products.
Trips N Tours owns a strong global portfolio of consumer travel brands.
We can offer over different tours and at least 2000 Hotels, 500 Villas and 200 Yacht Cruises to different destinations around the world.
When you book your tour with us you have our guarantee that no promise will be broken every aspect has been taken into account for your enjoyment, and all the hard work is done on your behalf. Please consider Trips N Tours Limited.

How do we keep costs low?

Our philosophy is to give you amazing adventures at the best possible price. Below are some of the ways we make sure you don’t need to pay over the odds for your adventure.

  1. The environment is important to us. We don’t produce expensive glossy brochures anymore and have won the World Travel Award for South America’s Leading Green Tour Operator. All of our amazing products are up-to-date and on our website.
  1. We use small local hotels and suppliers who aren’t marking up prices to cover international marketing, sales executives or international travel shows they attend.
  1. We remain small and independently owned. There are no hidden costs split between different brands or mark-ups to suit investors and stakeholders.
  1. We include a Local Payment on the majority of our tours. This keeps the initial tour price low and saves administration fees and bank charges. Read more about our Local Payment below.

Please note: Our tours have variable, dynamic pricing based on availability, exchange rates, operational costs, travel seasons and years. Correct prices are published on the Trips N Tours Limited website and are valid at the booking date. The only way to guarantee a price is by paying a small deposit.

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