Message From Managing Director

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Trips N Tours Limited as a leading travel services company equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Global Village and Globalization were mere words once fantasized but now they are the norms by which the world lives today. Information travels at the speed of light and services opportunities are accessible to all. In such a vigorous and powerful environment, Trips N Tours Limited is committed to provide travel services in efficient and well organized manner thus respecting the dignity of our valued clients.

At Trips N Tours Limited, we ensure the standardized and affordable services. We have integrated our office with latest travel tools for ultra-professional services. Among our core values are that our clients should not only be provided travel services, but also the ease of getting them.

Over the years, Trips N Tours Limited has established itself as highly professional establishment with a diverse set of travel services has continuously been providing top quality services to its clients. Our team is skilled with professional tactics and therefore providing services to leading organization in Bangladesh as well as abroad. Through the efforts of our dedicated team, we have been fostering tourism in Bangladesh and Overseas. Our team is well equipped to handle various challenges and come up with best solutions. By equipping team with additional tools & training’s, Trips N Tours Limited hopes to further polish the team members as thoroughly trained and well-rounded professionals.

It is our constant endeavor to raise standards of our services and at the same time provide cost-effective travel solutions thus maintaining optimal Quality Ratio. Our goal is to give our clients best value for their money.

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