Our Prices

How do we keep costs low?

Our philosophy is to give you amazing adventures at the best possible price. Below are some of the ways we make sure you don’t need to pay over the odds for your adventure.

  1. The environment is important to us. We don’t produce expensive glossy brochures anymore and have won the World Travel Award for South America’s Leading Green Tour Operator. All of our amazing products are up-to-date and on our website.
  1. We use small local hotels and suppliers who aren’t marking up prices to cover international marketing, sales executives or international travel shows they attend.
  1. We remain small and independently owned. There are no hidden costs split between different brands or mark-ups to suit investors and stakeholders.
  1. We include a Local Payment on the majority of our tours. This keeps the initial tour price low and saves administration fees and bank charges. Read more about our Local Payment below.

Please note: Our tours have variable, dynamic pricing based on availability, exchange rates, operational costs, travel seasons and years. Correct prices are published on the Trips N Tours Limited website and are valid at the booking date. The only way to guarantee a price is by paying a small deposit.

The Local Payment

The majority of our tours are divided into two separate payments. The tour price is paid directly to your consultant when you book and before you depart for your tour and the second amount is the Local Payment, which is paid locally when you join the tour.

The Local Payment ensures your Tour Leader has a supply of cash to run some of the tour if access to banking facilities is limited or nonexistent. This helps to save operational and administrative costs, which in turn helps to keep the cost of our tours competitive so we can pass the savings on to you. The Local Payment also helps us get cash directly into local businesses to provide communities with an immediate economic benefit.

The Local Payment is a portion of the total tour cost and must be paid directly to your Tour Leader. The currency of the Local Payment will be indicated on your tour notes and on your voucher. The Local Payment is not optional and failure to pay this money in cash may result in you being excluded from starting the tour.

Please note: It must be paid in high denomination notes only (100s, 50s, 20s). The notes must be crisp with no tears or markings and for Local Payment in USD, the notes should be no older than 2013.

What tours don’t have a Local Payment?

There is no Local Payment on some of our Europe tours, Cuba, Antarctica, or our Tailor-made tours. These tours are operated by trusted partners. Please note: Some of our trekking products that are run by local specialists do not include local payment.

Payment Options

Trips N Tours Limited accepts 6 different currencies including AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD and USD. We prefer payments by direct bank transfer and the details will be on your invoice depending on the country you are booking from.

Trips N Tours Limited accepts personal debit and credit cards (Additional fees may apply) including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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