TNT@ADA7 Chile (Santiago de Chile to San Pedro de Atacama) 10 Days Package

Code: TNT@ADA7

Country: Chile

Route: Santiago de Chile, Easter Island & San Pedro de Atacama

Days: 10 Days

Package cost: BDT. 1,68,000/-

Style: Group Tour

Group Size: Average 08


About this tour: Stretching half the length of the continent, our Chile adventure tours allow you to see this land of rugged natural beauty and vibrant modern cities. From the volcanic peaks in the Atacama Desert, the worlds driest, and along the awe-inspiring Andes mountain range to vast vineyards outside the sophisticated capital, Santiago, a Chile adventure tour makes for a fascinating and ever changing journey. With its modern esplanades and plazas, great shopping, fascinating history and varied culture, Santiago is a great city to enjoy exploring.



Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

City tour.

You will get acquainted with the capital of Chile – Santiago, visit the old residential area in the western part of the city, where you will also see real architectural masterpieces. Visit La Moneda, take the pedestrian alley Paseo Aumada to Plaza de Armas. You will see the beautiful building of the old post and the National Historical Museum, where the Supreme Court – Royal Audience was previously located.

Passing along the main avenue of the city – Bernardo O’Higgins, you can admire the ancient walls of the church of St. Francis – the oldest architectural monument of Chile.

The excursion will continue climbing the mountain of San Cristobal – the spur of the Andean ridge, on top of which you will see the famous statue of the Holy Virgin Mary and enjoy the panoramic view of Santiago against the backdrop of the majestic Andes.



After breakfast we will go on an excursion to the city of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. The road to the seaside towns of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar passes through olive plantations,   Fruit orchards and vineyards of the valleys of Curacavi and Casablanca (120 km from Santiago).   Valparaiso is located on 42 hills,   Is distinguished by its architectural style and recognized by UNESCO as an object of cultural heritage.   Various levels of the city are connected by a system of ancient lifts – funiculars, stairs and footpaths. You can visit   area   Soto Mayor and the building of the naval department, which is a national monument. Then walk to Concepcion hill and the boulevards of Gervasoni and Atkinson, during which you will have a magnificent view of the seaport – one of the main symbols of Valparaiso. Moving to the city of Viña del Mar, which is called the “garden city”. Its coastline is beautiful beaches and mighty rocks.   The main attractions of the city are the flower clock, Renyaka beach, the embankment and the Fonck museum.

At the end of the tour return to Santiago, duration – 9 hours with a stop for lunch (not included in the price).



Breakfast in the hotel.

Transfer to the airport for departure and flight to Easter Island.

Arrival, transfer to the hotel.

Day 4: EASTER ISLAND (breakfast / lunch)


Breakfast in the hotel.

Excursion to Anakena Beachfor the whole day.

On this tour we will visit various archaeological sites, which will allow us to learn the development of the Rapa Nui culture including its origins, flowering and worst crises. Travel along the coast, visit to Ahu Akahanga, then to the Rano Raraku volcano and its slopes, where most of the Moaas were carved and where to this day there are more of these statues. Boxing lunch on nature. Visit to Ahu Tongariki, the largest platform, with 15 restored statues. Then the tour will continue to Poike peninsula, located on the north coast, with a stop in Akhu Te Pito Kura – the place where the largest statue is located outside the quarry, as well as the energy center of the island. Then we go to Anaken beach, with its warm turquoise water, white sand, palm trees and Ahu Nau Nau platform, creating one of the most attractive landscapes of the island. Time for walking and swimming. Return to the village of Hanga Roa on the road passing through the center of the island.

Duration – all day, included boxing lunch.



Breakfast in the hotel.

In the morning – visit to the ceremonial center of Orongo.

The excursion begins with an ascent along the slopes of the Rano Kao volcano to the observation deck on the edge of the crater, inside which is a beautiful lake with characteristic vegetation. Then the Ceremonial Village of Orongo is visited – the place where the leader of the island was selected for a whole year with the help of a risky competition. All the clans of the island gathered in spring in numerous stone “houses”, waiting for the arrival of the sacred bird of Manutar, to choose Tangat Manu, a man-bird. Duration – 4 hours.

Afternoon – excursion to the afternoon Ahu Akivi.

Departure from the hotel to visit the central part of the island, where the platform Ahu Akivi is located with 7 moai, personifying the legend that gives rise to the culture of Rapa Nui, about the arrival of the Polynesian population on the island.Moai look towards the sea, which is an atypical location for these statues. Visit the quarry of Poonau Pau, a small hill, from where a red stone was extracted for the moai’s headdress. In this place there is an observation deck on the village of Hanga Roa.

Duration 4 hours.



Breakfast in the hotel.

Transfer to the airport for departure to Calama.

Arrival, transfer to hotel in San Pedro de Atacama.

Hotel accommodation.

Day 7: ATACAMA (B)


Departure to the Moon Valley and Death Valley, which is near San Pedro De Atacama (8 km). First we will walk along a narrow walkway between high mountain ranges, and after a few meters we will see the Death Valley, a place with unique natural forms formed under the influence of wind and water. We will visit the salt statues of “Three Marys” and the Salt Canyon. Then we will visit the Lunar Valley – a place formed from salts and carbonates and surrounded by mountains with snowy peaks, very reminiscent of the surface of the moon. We can climb the dune in order to glimpse, in the glow of the sunset, a stunning panarama of the landscape of extraordinary shapes and colors – an unforgettable sight that can be seen only during sunset, coloring the Andes chain on the horizon in all colors of the rainbow, from pale yellow to dark purple .

Return to San Pedro de Atacama.


Day 8: ATACAMA (B)


Breakfast in the hotel.

Excursion to the Altiplanic Lagoons and Atacama Salt Lake

Departure at 8.00 to altiplannym lakes, located 138 km from San Pedro at an altitude of 4.300 m above sea level. At the beginning of the trip we will head to Tokonao village on the road with a stunning view of the Likankabur volcano, surrounded by tamarugo and chanjar trees, typical for this zone. Visit to the old church and the main square, where houses are built, built of volcanic stone (liparite). During the journey, we will see a radical change of landscapes – from the green Valley of Hera to the desert; Continue our journey to the village of Sakaira. Then we will go up to the Minike and Miskati lakes, whose blue water and white beaches, surrounded by mighty mountains and volcanoes, create a unique atmosphere and make the nature of these places fabulously beautiful. Lunch and walk in the countryside. Upon our return, we will visit Solonchak Atakama and Lake Chaksa, where pink flamingos and other migratory birds gather.

Return to San Pedro.



Breakfast in the hotel.

Excursion to the Geyser del Tatio with Puritama.

Early departure from the hotel to climb to the Tatio geysers, which are 97 km from San Pedro at an altitude of 4.300 m. All the way we will pass in the dark and by dawn we will be on a geothermal plateau of volcanic origin, where at this time the air temperature will be below zero. Breakfast and a walk along the geothermal field, watching the amazing pillars of steam that come out with a frenzied force from the depths of the earth (geysers) and a hundred puddles of boiling water, which are a terrific sight at dawn. Then you will visit the hot springs of Puritam, located at an altitude of 3,500 m in a deep narrow gorge with ennobled terraces and ruins of ancient civilizations. The water of the springs always keeps the temperature at 38 ° C and, if desired, you can bathe in special baths – floods.

Return to San Pedro.

Transfer to the airport for departure to Santiago.

Arrival, transfer to the hotel.



At the appointed time transfer to the SCL airport for international flight.


The cost of the tour includes:

  • 9 nights in hotels in the selected category based on breakfast
  • The food mentioned in the program
  • Transfers according to the program:
  • Easter Island and San Pedro: transfers with English-speaking guides
  • Excursions under the program

The tour price does NOT include:

  • International flights
  • Internal flights
  • Tip
  • Free check-in or late check-out in hotels
  • Cost of personal expense
  • Services not specified in the program


  • The host party has the right to change the hotels listed in the program to other hotels of the same category.
  • The host party reserves the right to change the order of excursions while observing the tour program.
  • The prices can be changed, the final cost of the tour will be indicated upon confirmation of all services.




Ancient Chile Private Total per parson
HOTEL 4* Departamentos Orly (3n) + Hotel Victoria (3n) + Hotel Kimal (3n) + Services SINGLE DOUBLE TRIPLE
BDT. 5,02,000/- BDT. 2,84,000/- BDT. 2,20,000/-


Ancient Chile SIB Total per parson
HOTEL 4* Departamentos Orly (3n) + Hotel Victoria (3n) + Hotel Kimal (3n) + Services SINGLE DOUBLE TRIPLE
 BDT. 2,75,000/- BDT. 1,89,000/- BDT. 1,68,000/-



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Code: TNT@ADA7 Country: Chile Route: Santiago de Chile, Easter Island & San Pedro de Ataca ...


Code: TNT@ADA7 Country: Chile Route: Santiago de Chile, Easter Island & San Pedro de Ataca ...


Code: TNT@ADA7 Country: Chile Route: Santiago de Chile, Easter Island & San Pedro de Ataca ...


Code: TNT@ADA7 Country: Chile Route: Santiago de Chile, Easter Island & San Pedro de Ataca ...